Open Innovation Formats

Experience your target group in action

Studierende beim BMW-Techathon ©Andreas Schmitter

Another module of the strategic partnership is the Open Innovation Formats, where we connect you with selected RWTH Aachen University representatives (scientists and students) to develop innovative solutions for your company.

Develop the innovation potential of your company through our Open Innovation Formats.

In addition to individually tailored conferences, innovation meetings or think tanks, we can recommend the following formats:


As a technical twin of the Hackathon, the brand “Techathon” at RWTH Aachen University was created and protected as a new Open Innovation Format. Here, participants from various disciplines look for innovative technology solutions in response to their research topics, and develop prototypes using the express method. With a Techathon, you don't only see and connect with talent in action, but can use them to unleash innovation potential and promote the development and innovation of new technologies.

Venture Cups and Case Studies

How skillfully can RWTH Aachen University students solve a complex issue that you specify? Whether as a daily event or semester-spanning project, we support you in implementing your case study at RWTH Aachen University.

How can we support you?

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