RA Consulting

RA Consulting is located in a specially designed technology village in Bruchsal. The software company specialises in automotive electronics engineering and develops software tools and software components for diagnosis, measurement and calibration of electronic systems. RAC develops individual software solutions in the industrial sector, especially for databases, embedded systems and telematics applications.

In addition to product development, research and development plays a major role for RA Consulting. Thus, as an industry partner, it is currently involved in several research projects in the field of autonomous driving.

With RA Consulting, a strong medium-sized company has now been won as a research partner for RWTH Aachen University, which would like to network intensively with scientists from the fields of MCD (measurementcalibrationdiagnostics), telematics, testing/validating of autonomous driving functions, and adaptive AUTOSAR.

Miroslava Saager
Miroslava Saager M. Sc.
Business Relations Manager

Entrepreneurial Manager

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