Since 2018, RWTH and TotalEnergies have been collaborating on research and development projects as part of a strategic partnership supported by RWTH Innovation. With a dedicated TotalEnergies One Tech engineer on site and the help of the RWTH Key Account Manager, we are collaborating on diverse research subjects and extend our partnership into this rich eco-system. Our core topics include:

  • Energy & Power: wind turbine, solar, geothermal – storage, grid system alternative fuels, machine reliability
  • Power to X: new fuel sources, CO2 Capture & Storage, Process engineering.
  • Mobility & Transport:  E-mobility, Thermal Management
  • Lubricants – Tribology: Tribology studies on sub components and lubricant formulations

In 2019, a TotalEnergies delegation met the RWTH top management and professors to lay the ground for the future of this strong collaboration.

Katharina Fränken
Katharina Fränken M. Sc.

Business Relations Manager

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