A woman´s view on...

"A women's view on..." is an event to strengthen the position of women in technically oriented fields and in business.
This is a series of events that takes place every 6 weeks with changing topics and speakers.

Our target:

To put women first in the entrepreneurship and start-up sector.

At the "A women's view on..." event we offer you:

  • Motives and challenges of female founders from various fields
  • Expansion of your network through a confidential and pleasant atmosphere
  • Tips on how to deal with male-dominated fields
  • Behaviour as a woman in a leadership position
  • Dealing with corporate culture
  • And much more...

Target group:

You are interested in entrepreneurship and could imagine founding a start-up yourself. You want to learn more about the challenges of women in technical fields or business.
You want to exchange ideas with other women and expand your network.




The event is organized every 6 weeks by RWTH Innovation.

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