Tech Side Story

The Tech Side Story is an event to connect students from technically oriented fields with students with a business or IT background. It is an approximately five-hour program in which start-up ideas are developed or existing ones are intensified.

Our target

Bringing together founders and those interested in founding from different areas.

At the Tech Side Story Event we offer you

  • Exclusive information on setting up a company: Workshop to create a business model
  • Presentation of some start-up ideas
  • Development of ideas in groups with the support of start-up coaches
  • Presentation and discussion of the individual excurses
  • Short presentation of the results
  • Lectures by speakers from the academic and practical areas, followed by a question and answer session
  • Networking in a pleasant atmosphere

Target group

You are basically interested in entrepreneurship, in starting your own business or in working in a young company.



Start-up / Business idea

An own business idea is not(!) a requirement for participation. If you already have an idea, you can pitch yourself and get direct Feedback.


The Tech Side Story is organized in cooperation with other universities and the student initiatives AC.E. 

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You can find more events on collæb.

You find a video of the last Tech Side Story here.

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