Success Stories

  • Adhesys Medical: Adhesys Medical develops and sells fully synthetic, biodegradable wound adhesives for use on the skin and in the body. Based on an innovative technology platform, two product lines are currently being developed: a biocompatible wound adhesive for application on the skin and a biodegradable wound adhesive for application in the body. The products are based on a patent-protected polyurethane technology and are applied by means of a two-component syringe. On the skin, the adhesive can close even heavily bleeding wounds within a few seconds. Due to its high adhesive strength, it achieves a safe and strong wound closure until the wound is closed.
  • antibodies-online: More than one million products for biomedical research from more than 160 suppliers from three continents are offered by antibodies-online GmbH. And every day the assortment grows by more than thousand products. This makes the Aachen-based company one of the market leaders of online commerce in its industry. Whether Charité, Harvard or MIT - the customers include about 2,000 renowned research labs of companies and university hospitals from 53 countries around the world.  They need the antibodies and related products distributed by antibodies-online for the research of diseases such as Alzheimer's, AIDS, hepatitis or Cancer.
  • aquila biolabs: Founded in 2014 in Aachen, Germany, aquila biolabs GmbH is a young German technology company specializing in the development of innovative products for the analysis of shake-flask fermentations. The goal of aquila biolabs is to revolutionize the currently deficient process analytics in shake flasks and to act as a value driver for target customers in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry through the automated and process-optimizing analysis and control of shake-flask fermentations. The company is currently focusing on the further development of its core technology and is actively seeking pilot customers and cooperation Partners.
  • Connectavo: Better and cheaper maintenance made easy – the connectavo GmbH is a start-up that offers software solutions for the production environment to keep an eye on machines and systems at all times, to easily plan and record maintenance procedures and to make maintenance cycles more efficient via the predictive maintenance module. In the sense of Industry 4.0, a continuous connection from the field level to the software interface is provided by solutions from renowned partners with decades of experience. The solution is characterized in particular by its user-friendliness and fast implementation.
  • Cynteract: The mission of Cynteract is to revolutionize rehabilitation. Their first product is a glove to detect and control hand movements. Connected to a VR headset, the patient heals his hand injuries through motivating games in the virtual world. The therapist can control the progress and define new exercises. Patients can use the glove to perform their exercises at home and on the move. This way the exercises are performed more frequently and rehabilitation is more efficient, because nowadays 80% of all treatments are terminated early. In addition, Cynteract's technology is cost-effective.

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