Green Knit

The GREEN KNIT team wants to revolutionize the handbag market with sustainable manufacturing of customized handbags by using 3D-knitting technology and smart textiles. Their innovative approach to handbag manufacturing brings with it three key advantages: First, it enables close-to-zero-waste production: Using yarn to knit a bags body directly in the needed form, saving up to 30% of material. Secondly, producing on-demand and eliminate completely the rest-posts that reach up to 40% in the industry. Thirdly, using not just recycled material but also striving for recyclable product design – up to closed-loop-recycling.

High level of customization, smart functionality as well as resource-efficient production build up its USP. They enable each customer to create unique smart handbags with just a few clicks – at industrial scale with high level of automation and in a sustainable way. GREEN KNIT – for environmentally-cautious future of fashion to co-create and fall-in-love with.