HA Stabilisator

We present an innovation for the cosmetic product market - the natural stabiliser of hyaluronic acid. With it, we are combating two important problems of skin ageing in a natural way at the same time: the increased degradation of hyaluronic acid that already occurs in younger people due to environmental influences and the age-related reduced formation of hyaluronic acid in the human skin.
Environmental influences lead to the loss of hyaluronic acid and the formation of inflammation-promoting degradation products - we protect the hyaluronic acid formed by the skin itself from degradation. We stabilise the hyaluronic acid not by foreign proteins or chemical cross-linking but by adding a stabiliser of hyaluronic acid naturally formed in the skin, the ITIH5 protein. By applying ITIH5 to human skin in a serum (HYAProtect), we are thus using a biological protective mechanism of the skin. Our innovation is suitable for use in the global anti-ageing market and can complement or enhance existing products. With the support of Innovation Sprint, we can now take important steps on the way to becoming a tested cosmetic product.

Begüm Guse
Begüm Guse M. Sc.

Project Manager

+49 241 80 92807