The natural hyaluronic acid stabilizer represents a market innovation in the field of cosmetic products. It naturally combats two central problems of skin aging at the same time: the increased degradation of hyaluronic acid already occurring in skin of younger people due to environmental influences and the age-related reduced formation of hyaluronic acid in human skin.

Environmental influences lead to the loss of hyaluronic acid and the formation of inflammation-promoting degradation products. The natural hyaluronic acid stabilizer protects the hyaluronic acid formed by the skin itself from degradation. Hyaluronic acid is not stabilized by foreign proteins or chemical cross-linking but by the addition of a hyaluronic acid stabilizer naturally formed in the skin, the ITIH5 protein. By applying ITIH5 to human skin in the form of a serum (HYAProtect), a biological protective mechanism of the skin is utilized. This innovation is suitable for use in the global anti-aging product market and can complement or enhance existing products. Thanks to the support provided as part of the Innovation Sprint, important steps can now be taken on the way to a tested cosmetic product.