The increasing standard of living and improved working conditions in the western world as well as the growing agility of the population aged 60 years and over, pose major challenges for new generations of prostheses. While hip endoprostheses, for instance, have been designed to last a maximum of 25 years, this planned lifespan is no longer sufficient due to the increased life expectancy of patients. Therefore, new generations of prostheses must be developed that can ensure a durable and resilient connection between the implant and the bone tissue.

To increase the performance of implants, BionicImplant is developing an innovative prototype of a composite prosthesis that features bionic capillary structures to grow through the bone tissue. In this process, deep tissue ingrowth along the cancellous guide structure creates a load-bearing connection between the implant and human bone. This is superior to conventional prosthesis systems due to the enlargement of the connection surface and structure-induced self-healing properties of the implant.