In transport, digitisation offers the opportunity for data-based, preventive safety analysis to identify locations with an increased risk of accidents without prior casualties. To this end, preventive safety analysis methods were researched and a concrete software solution based on camera images was developed. The development clearly stands out from existing solutions in terms of speed, data protection conformity, scalability and costs.

Since this solution also attracts a lot of interest in the private sector, a separate demonstrator was built during the Innovation Sprint in the InTraSens project to accelerate the development and offer plenty of room for project-independent work. To this end, the team carried out an intensive examination of the hardware for the system for the first time and demonstrated the feasibility of the system (power supply, network, outdoor suitability) on the road.

Following on from the InTraSens project, the AdaptIn project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, was launched with the aim of setting up a spin-off company. In order to increase safety, the InTraSens system will be expanded to influence road users at high-risk locations. The project also includes a demonstrator that will be set up in the city of Aachen.