When storing chemical substances, there are high requirements for plastic packaging in terms of gas barrier and chemical resistance. Since there is no cost-effective plastic that can meet all these requirements at once, currently multi-material solutions are used that are expensive and cannot be recycled. To deposit them, IonKraft has developed a special barrier coating and equipment technology, which can offer better performance at lower costs without compromising recyclability.

The Innovation Sprint enabled IonKraft to build and validate a prototype of their coating system at the Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV). As a result, the team was able to successfully apply for the BMWi funding programme EXIST Research Transfer, which started in April 2021 right after the Innovation Sprint ended. The team is now fully focusing on aspects of automating the equipment system and scaling it up to industry standards.

IonKraft's advice to future Innovation Sprint teams: Talk, talk, talk. Talk to as many potential customers, partners or experts as possible. It’s one of the most effective ways to really refine your own product.