In addition to our coaching programmes, we offer start-ups and future founders access to subject-specific and content-driven platforms to network and grow. These so-called verticals cover a broad range of technological topics in order to bring together the research expertise within the RWTH Aachen University ecosystem and to make use of synergies. Within each vertical, there are many opportunities for networking and exchange with like-minded people. In addition, there is a direct link to various institutes and facilities of the university, which offer professional support and make the corresponding infrastructure (e.g., laboratories, workshops, etc.) available for use. Moreover, the vertical community gives founders and future entrepreneurs the chance to exchange ideas with experienced start-ups from the respective subject area, to benefit from their experience, and to find solutions to specific problems together.

  • Interactive community structured around content-specific topics to connect teams across different stages to strengthen best practice sharing and networking
  • Close connection to the RWTH research institutes to foster the knowledge transfer between research and application and make selected RWTH infrastructure available (e.g., test labs, etc.)
  • Access to potential investors and corporates (e.g., via selected networking events)

Our verticals are constantly growing. To become part of one of our verticals, please reach out to the respective contact as shown below.