Welcome to Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge

The Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge is designed to empower student teams to develop proposals to address unmet social needs around the theme “Sustainable Urban Solutions for Future Cities”.

Ford is committed to helping people move more easily, today and in the future in the “City of Tomorrow” regardless which mode of transport they use and that includes those who chose to walk for some or most part of their journey, whether for convenience or for health and fitness. We want to work together to take back the streets and make people’s lives better through innovation, access and sustainable mobility solutions that help address key social challenges that affect people of all ages and abilities.

We would like to hear proposals that help to provide sustainable urban solutions for future cities. The challenges cities face is well known from congestion to poor air quality to spatial constraints, to poor transportation, to connectivity to inconsistent access to essential services. We’re looking for solutions that will make cities more attractive and healthier places to live, work and play through creating affordable urban mobility solutions.

Up to three winning proposals will be selected for a €5,000 grant to support implementation of the proposed projects and an additional grant of €7,500 may be provided to the overall winning team (at the University’s discretion as they are administering and overseeing the grants).


Send your completed proposal application and budget overview by June 30, 2019 to the contact person below. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have got any further questions!

Contact Person

Kirsa Dannenberg
Business Relations Manager
+49 241 80 96616