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The RWTH Innovation GmbH is the central, university-wide technology transfer unit of RWTH Aachen University. At the forefront of innovation, we serve as the interface between research, industry, and society. We accompany inventors from RWTH Aachen University and Uniklinik RWTH Aachen throughout the entire innovation process, from the idea to the market-ready technology. We support students and scientists in founding their start-ups. We open up cooperation opportunities and promote direct access to RWTH's research and innovation landscape for industrial partners.

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Incubation Program

The 3-month incubation program is aimed at experienced start-ups with an initial pre-seed investment (e.g. EXIST). Teams are supported in bringing their product to market and securing additional early investment. With our individual 1:1 coaching, an extensive network and the active support of our mentors, we accompany start-up teams on their way to becoming a successful company.

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Sustainably Boosting Entrepreneurial Dynamics

Since the abolition of the university professor privilege, the transfer of knowledge and technology in Germany has been increasingly positive, although only partially successful in establishing international connections. For example, it is lamented in public discourse that in Germany, compared to the USA, UK, or Israel, only a few research findings are translated into startups, and the significantly intensified support measures for founders often fall short.

The TransferAllianz e. V. – the German Association for Knowledge and Technology Transfer – ( has already outlined the reasons for this in its position paper. For instance, transfer activities and successes are hardly rewarded, resulting in only a small portion of scientific insights being directed towards commercial exploitation. Additionally, the conditions for transfer are inadequate; in particular, it has not yet been universally successful in establishing transfer comprehensively and sustainably as a genuine third pillar alongside research and teaching.

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