For Start-Ups & Investors

Entrepreneurial Management Team

RWTH Innovation GmbH

Dennis Breuer
Dennis Breuer B. Sc.
Entrepreneurial Manager
+49 241 80 92236
Begüm Guse
Begüm Guse M. Sc.
Project Manager
+49 241 80 92807
Martin Köpcke
Martin Köpcke Dipl.-Ing.
Innovation Manager

Entrepreneurial Manager

+49 241 80 92614
Christina Mertsch
Christina Mertsch M. Sc.

Entrepreneurial Manager

Business Relations Manager

+49 241 80 96603
Miroslava Saager
Miroslava Saager M. Sc.
Business Relations Manager

Entrepreneurial Manager

+49 241 80 92806
Jörg von Appen
Jörg von Appen Dr. rer. nat.
Head of Innovation Management
+49 241 80 96608

RWTH Innovation Entrepreneurship Center

Team of Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WIN)

RWTH Aachen University
Dorina Birsanu
Dorina Birsanu M. Sc.
Start-up Coach
Malte Brettel
Malte Brettel Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. pol.

Vice-Rector for Industry and Business Relations

Managing Director

+49 241 80 96359
Maximilian Eckel
Maximilian Eckel M. Sc.
Head of Start-up Coaching
Sven Engelhardt
Sven Engelhardt M. Sc.
Start-up Coach
Simon Fey
Simon Fey M. Sc.
Head of Entrepreneurship Center
Justus Gätjen
Justus Gätjen M. Sc.
Venture Developer
Christin Hedtke
Christin Hedtke M. Sc.
Team Assistant
+49 241 80-99224
Dragana Kovacevic
Dragana Kovacevic M. Sc.
Start-up Coach
Arpad Kurcz
Arpad Kurcz M. Sc.

Start-up Coach / Event Manager

Jan Niklas Kurth
Jan Niklas Kurth Dipl. Wirt.-Ing.
Venture Developer
Margareta Merke
Margareta Merke M. Sc.
Start-up Coach
Fabian Nagel
Fabian Nagel M. Sc.
Program Lead Ideation
Clea Roth
Clea Roth M. Sc.
Start-up Coach
Valentin Schmitt
Valentin Schmitt M. Sc.
Head of Founder Mobilization
Andreas Schumacher
Andreas Schumacher B. Sc.
Start-up Coach
Andreas Schwarz
Andreas Schwarz M. Sc.
Start-up Coach
Benedikt Wiechers
Benedikt Wiechers M. Sc.
Program Lead Incubation
Fabian Winkels
Fabian Winkels M. Sc.
Start-up Coach
Akira Mehler
Akira Mehler M. Sc.
Venture Capital Relationship Manager
Johannes Schäfer
Johannes Schäfer M. Sc.
Head of Collective Incubator
Hendrik Winckler
Hendrik Winckler B. Sc.
Start-up Coach