RWTH Founders Guide

All important information about the founding process and answers to the most important legal, administrative, financial, and practical questions can be found in our RWTH Founders Guide. For any further inquiries, please contact us directly here.

RWTH IP-Guide for Spin-offs

Supporting knowledge- and technology-based startups emerging from universities (spin-offs) is an important tool for technology transfer. In order to translate research findings into commercial applications, universities regulate the rights to intellectual property (IP) through a contract between the start-up project and the university.

To make the process of granting IP rights transparent and comprehensible for all stakeholders, a working group consisting of members from all six Exzellenz Start-up Center.NRW locations, as well as representatives of the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy and the Project Management Jülich (PtJ) has agreed on common principles. These common principles are supplemented with practical guidance and information. As a result, entrepreneurs can not only find the specific points of contact and their contact information at a glance, but also incorporate the individual necessary steps more effectively into their own planning.