(Bio-)Pharma & Drug Delivery Base

(Bio-)Pharma & Drug Delivery aims to support start-ups focusing on the development of (bio-) pharmaceutical products and drugs by closely cooperating with RWTH’s Institute of Laboratory Animal Science (UKA).

Our Experts

Dr. med., Universitätsprofessor
René H. Tolba
Vice Dean for Research and Young Scientists
Institute of Laboratory Animal Science (UKA)


If you want to become a part of (Bio-)Pharma & Drug Delivery, have a specific topic in mind that we can help you with, or have any other questions or feedback for us—please reach out to us:

Miroslava Saager
Miroslava Saager M. Sc.

Co-Coordinator           Life Science

+49 241 80 92806
Malte Stulgies
Malte Stulgies M. Sc.

Co-Coordinator         Life Science

+49 170 334 4992