Research and Development

Working on the technologies of tomorrow

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We offer you comprehensive support for your research and development with RWTH Aachen University

  • By means of our Technology Scouting, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the research activities in the RWTH ecosystem
  • We organize innovation workshops with our institutes on defined Topics
  • We identify suitable project partners for you and connect you with experts
  • We enable you to conduct bilateral and publicly funded joint research and development Projects
  • We provide support for research funding activities and programs across the university landscape
  • You get access to innovation projects with RWTH-IP and the possibility to license RWTH-IP
  • We support you in the administrative handling of projects and funding programs and ensure the clarification of legal and IP issues

How can we support you?

For initial inquiries, please contact: 

Katharina Fränken
Katharina Fränken M. Sc.

Business Relations Manager

+49 241 80 96619