Talent and hotspot access

Get to know young talents and their innovations

Studierende beim BMW-Techathon ©Andreas Schmitter

Are you looking for direct access to up-and-coming talent or would you like to be directly on-site at the Tech Incubator?

  • Extensive opportunities for employer Branding
  • Event-based opportunities to get to know RWTH Aachen University students and their innovation (e.g. Techathons®, Hackathons, case studies and project-based work)
  • Support of student technical and social initiatives in the sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Physical presence with office/exhibition space in the central innovation platform of RWTH Aachen University – one of the largest tech incubators in Europe

How can we support you?

For initial inquiries, please contact: 

Christina Mertsch
Christina Mertsch M. Sc.

Business Relations Manager

+49 241 80 96603