Fuck Up Stories Aachen

We make failure respectable! We want to encourage people to be crazy and to tackle ideas. To do this, we break open taboo topics - talk about failures and learnings. Come by, we are looking forward to getting to know you...

We offer you:

  • 4 sessions with exciting entrepreneurs
  • 7 minutes to talk about their fuck ups
  • 7 minutes time for questions
  • Networking



The Team

QuellPunkt,  digitalHUB Aachen,  Studienberatung der RWTH Aachen, AC.E - Aachener Entrepreneurship Team, Collective Incubator and we are convinced that a culture of mistakes and dealing with failure are important for personal and entrepreneurial success.

Hier findest du einen Ausschnitt aus einer der letzten Fuck Up Stories Aachen.