Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI)

In 2003, Siemens opened the RWTH Aachen University's Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) – one of eight CKIs worldwide – as a partnership platform for cooperation with the university. The CKI aims to bring together employees of all Siemens divisions with RWTH Aachen University members and students. The CKI Conference takes place every year with changing topics and aims to help all participants network better. Other firmly established formats include the Siemens Day as well as excursions, open innovation events and expert meetings. The cooperation between Siemens and RWTH Aachen University also flows into its own Collaborative Research Centers, such as “Future Train 2025+” – in this project, innovative approaches are being used to jointly develop a new generation of rail vehicles. One of the latest partnership projects is the Siemens MindSphere Lounge at RWTH Aachen University. Here, Siemens' latest Internet of Things platform “MindSphere” will be integrated into research and teaching, thus making cooperative research in Industry 4.0 possible.

Mirjam Thronberens
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