Inventor Consultations

On the path towards innovation

You have developed something and are wondering if it can be considered an invention?

We will gladly answer this question and advise you as you move toward your innovation. In individual and confidential discussions with our innovation managers, you can get the information you need as RWTH Aachen University members.

Take advantage of a non-binding conversation before a written invention disclosure sets the patent clock with all its deadlines in motion. Until then, you should keep your invention a secret. Even a conversation with a person who does not belong to the university can be regarded as “prejudicial to novelty.”

At our inventor consultation, you can discuss your technology in peace and get initial feedback on patenting and utilization opportunities by talking with one of our Innovation Managers. Afterwards we will discuss with you topics such as

  • Formal requirements for an invention disclosure,
  • Raising awareness to hazards and avoidable errors,
  • Options for further development and affordability,
  • Patenting strategies and regulations at home and abroad,
  • Paths for inventors, professors and universities to the best possible uses,
  • IP-related questions, including planned technology spin-offs, and
  • Legal framework.

Your contact for questions about research & inventions