Program Overview

Application Deadline: November 8th, 2020

Launch Date Batch #2: January 18th, 2021

Duration & Format: 4 months. In hybrid format - combination of digital & live events (no relocation required)

Start-up Selection Process: Promising applicants will first receive a 15-minute 'Get to Know Each Other' phone call, followed by a 30-minute in-person meeting with our selection committee at the end of November. The final decision will be announced to all teams by early December.

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Target Group

Mature founding teams with an initial pre-seed investment (e.g. EXIST) or a remaining runway for at least 6 months that seek to make the next step in getting market ready & securing additional funding.


  • Motivated founding team with a clear business plan
  • Initial pre-seed investment (e.g. EXIST) or a remaining runway for at least 6 months
  • Full commitment to the program by all team members


Program Offer

Throughout the incubation program, start-ups will receive support both from a business & technical perspective. On the business side, you will get all the support needed to further shape your business plan, plan your market entry and get investor ready. On the technical side, you get access to our six top-specific incubation verticals. These verticals include the relevant RWTH institutes and partner companies that will help you to develop and test your prototype, get access to required tools, experts & resources and give you the chance to leverage the right network for your start-up.

It is all about what you make out of your time in the program. The program is flexible, catering for the individual needs of your startup. Our aim is to maximize the time you spend on product development, interacting with customers and talking to investors –giving you access to the resources you need.

Program Elements

The incubation program consists of the following 6 Topic-specific Verticals:

6 Topic-specific Verticals

With the 6 verticals, we created topic-specific innovation ecosystems that will help you with product development & market expertise. Here, you may get access to existing labs, experts and a wide partner network:

Vertical 1: Future of Mobility & Urban Life

Vertical 2: Next Level Life Science, Health & Nutrition

Vertical 3: IoT, AI, Robotics & Communication Tech

Vertical 4: 21st Century Production

Vertical 5: Green Energy, Chemicals and Materials

Vertical 6: digitalStartups (non-deeptech) – powered by digitalHUB Aachen

Access to our Co-working Space

Be one of the first startups to access the co-working space of the Collective Incubator or digitalHUB Aachen. The co-working spaces provide office and conference spaces as well as a large open space for interdisciplinary exchange and events.

Exclusive Workshops and Trainings

We will provide in-person workshop formats with top investors, founders, lawyers and corporates from the European startup scene. We give you access to our structured, in-depth training curriculum – giving you the opportunity to learn the skills you need in online and in-person formats.

Mentoring Program

Our program offers you the opportunity to receive mentoring from successful founders & industry experts. It’s on you how to best leverage the power of our mentors. Our mentors are there for you to share their learnings from founding a company, guide you along your way and give you insights into their industries & networks.

You find our mentors here.

Individual Coaching

Personalized 1:1 coaching with one of our experienced start-up coaches – adapted to the needs of your start-up & guiding you throughout the program.

Cross-university Co-Founder Network

With our large EU co-founder network, we will help to connect you with start-up founders & aspiring entrepreneurs. Use the network to find co-founders, your next employee or connect with like-minded people in Europe.

Demo Days & Social Events

Our program will get you prepared for the Demo Day where you will get the opportunity to pitch your business to attract customers and investors. The Incubation Program will also host numerous events - designed to provide you with the very best start-up scene.


Apply now via our Application FORM!

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