Program Overview

First program batch to be launched in spring 2020 – stay tuned!

With our systematic approach, we provide you with a unique mix of training/coaching, network access and investor connections to guide you through the critical stages of your start-up and scale-up process. During the Incubation Program, you will get access to the discipline-specific expert support needed to make your business model sustainable and investment-ready - all centered around our six distinct incubation clusters. In this stage, the main challenge is demonstrating that your product actually works and that it can be distributed to customers in a scalable and profitable way. This program will help you build your prototype, bring your product to market and secure additional early funding – setting you up to become our next unicorn.

Target Group

Mature founding teams with an initial pre-seed investment (e.g. EXIST) that seek to make the next step in getting market ready & securing additional funding.


  • Mature founding team with a clear business plan
  • Initial pre-seed investment (e.g. EXIST) or a remaining run-rate for at least 6-12 months
  • Full commitment to the program by all team members


Program Offer

Throughout the incubation program, start-ups will receive support both from a business & technical perspective. On the business side, you will get all the support needed to further shape your business plan, plan your market entry and get investor ready. On the technical side, you get access to our six distinct incubation clusters. These clusters include the relevant RWTH institutes and companies that will help you to develop and test your prototype, get access to required tools, experts & resources and give you the chance to leverage the right network for your startup.

It is all about what you make out of your time in the program. The program is flexible, catering for the individual needs of your startup. Our aim is to maximize the time you spend on product development, interacting with customers and talking to investors –giving you access to the resources you need.

Our first intake for our initial batch is in April 2020. The program duration is flexible, with a maximum duration of 24 months and quarterly reviews of your progress. We will provide details about how to apply on this page early next year – so stay tuned!

Program Elements

The incubation program consists of the following key elements:

1. Topic-specific incubation cluster

Depending on your business model, you will get access to one of our topic-specific incubation cluster (see graphic). Each cluster includes the relevant RWTH institutes and companies that will help you to develop and test your prototype, get access to required tools, experts & resources and give you the chance to leverage the right network for your start-up.


2. Co-working space & workshop

Be one of the first to move into our Collective Incubator, which is currently being built on campus. You can work with your team in the extensive co-working space or build your prototype in our prototype workshop, which will offer facilities for metal, wood, textile and electronics processing as well as additive manufacturing.


3. Training

We give you access to our structured, in-depth training curriculum – giving you the opportunity to learn the skills you need in online and in-person Formats.

4. Mentoring and Coaching

Personalized 1:1 mentoring with one of our experienced start-up coaches – adapted to the needs of our start-ups & guiding you throughout the program. Furthermore, you will receive mentoring from successful founders & industry experts. It’s on you how to best leverage the power of our mentors. Our mentors are there for you to share their learnings from founding a company, guide you along your way and give you insights into their industries & networks.

5. Funding Prep

We will guide you along the way to securing your initial funding round, providing you with intensive coaching, pitch sessions & professional workshops. As soon as you are ready, we will provide you with access to our network of Venture Capital firms.

6. Co-Founder Network

With our large EU co-founder network, we will help connect you with start-up founders & aspiring entrepreneurs. Use the network to find co-founders, your next employee or connect with like-minded people in Europe.


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