Our Offering

At the beginning of every foundation, there is always an idea, which represents the core of every entrepreneurial activity. Our Learn & Connect offer provides students and researchers who are interested in establishing a start-up business with the opportunity to learn from many of the most successful people both at our events and as part of our community. The experienced team at the RWTH Innovation Gründerzentrum supports people interested in starting a business in proven coaching formats with the realization of their own ideas and helps with the identification and analysis of potentials.

Our Learn & Connect offer also serves as a stepping stone to our further coaching offerings. If you find yourself inspired to develop an idea towards a viable business model and apply for a funding program, then take the next steps in your entrepreneurial journey and join our Ideation Program [add link here].

Target Group

Student/researchers with an idea or anyone interested in gaining inspiration, forming connections and learning about the founder’s process.

Offer Elements

Our offerings to get started provide you with the opportunity to learn and gain inspiration from experienced entrepreneurs, attend events and workshops where you can connect with other incredible founders, investors, potential customers and make real relationships. Some of our offers include:

1. Stay tuned

Regular and up-to-date information from the start-up scene through our Newsletter & at LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

2. Training

Participation in our „Gründertraining” (twice a year)

3. Events

Exchange events such as our “Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference (atec)”. The atec event serves as a platform for exchanges on technology and Entrepreneurship.

4. Online Course

Access to our online courses on edX platform

5. Network

Links to our excellent academic and corporate network 


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